Spray foam sounds like a life saver option for insulation. I am impressed that by adding spray foam, you are able to create a sound barrier. Listening to your experience of doing your own insulation will really come in handy as I do my own. Thanks for all your help and input! Well, it almost took 2 years of looking at the ugly results of a formerly leaky roof, for us to install a new, perfectly white, bead-board ceiling in our bathroom. Not only did we have a hole above our shower area, but someone had thought they’d be smart, and spray that foam insulation in there;…

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    This insulation kit is easy to install and fits most standard, two car garage doors. It is very easy to install. This insulation kit contains no fiberglass or foam. TempShield is puncture and tear resistant and can be installed with no special tools and is reinforced for maximum strength and durability and requires no maintenance.

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    Gianco KS150A Spray Foam Machine For Open Cell Insulating Foam Comes complete with drum pumps 30 metre hose Never Used, 1257195957

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